#TomeTopple Readathon 2018 – My TBR

This Read-a-thon is mainly hosted by Sam from the booktube channel, THOUGHTS ON TOMES. It’s the 6th round this time and it will take place from June 29th to July 12th. The point of this two week long readathon is to tackle intimidating books; in this case, books that are at least 500 pages in their standard print. That’s basically the only rule, but you can participate in the following challenges: 

1. Read more than one tome
2. Read a graphic novel 
3. Read a book that is part of a series
4. Buddy-read a tome
5. Read an adult book

For more information, check out this announcement video from Sam. You can also check out the channels of the co-hosts (AdrianaSarah-Jane, Sian, Caz). 

I’m a slow reader and I never read as much as I want to, so I always push back larger books. I tend to stick to shorter books in order to feel like I’m reading a lot which I am definitely not. This is the perfect readathon for me because I finally get to tackle the tomes on my TBR. Currently, I have a lot of review copies I need to read and review, but I’m really in the mood for sprawling worlds and immersing SFF novels! The ones I already own didn’t really interest me so I went out to the library and checked out several books.

Here are the glorious covers. Click on them to add on Goodreads!


Okay Red sister isn’t 500 pages but I plan on keeping it as back up, in case I can’t get into all the others (UNLIKELY).

After much debate with myself, I decided to start with TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI.

It’s a desert fantasy and that’s exactly what I’m craving right now. If I get a chance to read a second one, I will continue with Mistborn: The final empire. You can find my reading updates on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #TTtwelvekings. Let me know if you want to buddy read this book! 

Are any of you participating in this round of the Tome Topple readathon? What are you planning to read? If not, then what are some books you want to read that are simply too big or intimidating?


6 thoughts on “#TomeTopple Readathon 2018 – My TBR

Add yours

  1. I’m so tempted to do this challenge because I’ve realized it’s been a while since I’ve read a doorstopper fantasy book. And I’m SUPER tempted to check out TWELVE KINGS IN SHARAKHAI with you! I’ve been seeing rave reviews about the sequel and the setting looks super intriguing. Will you be starting it right away?

    Also, Kings of the Wyld and Red Sister are fantastic! I hope you enjoy them! 😊


    1. I’ve already started it but I’m only a few pages in because I have other books to read for review. So far I’m enjoying it and yes I’ve heard the sequels are even better! If you decide to pick it up and want to buddy read, let me know 😃 I hope I can read a second book. I’m especially excited for Red sister.


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