Top Ten Books I’m No Longer Interested in Reading

Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme that is created by The Broke and The Bookish and hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

This week’s topic is Top Ten Tuesday : Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested in Reading

As I’ve come to be much more picky in choosing my reads, there are lots of books I’ve removed from my TBR. I’ve also started losing interest too easily. I have so many books I’m dying to read, so if I’m not excited to pick up a book then it’s really not worth my time. Here are some books I’m 99% sure I won’t read (don’t hold me to that. I’m a mood reader so you never know with me) because I used to be excited for them but now have ZERO interest:

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1. HEART OF IRON by Ashley Poston

Yeah…I know…
I’m actually imagining people dramatically gasping. This book was SO HYPED. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis was everything I needed. I mean Anastasia + Space?? I love both of these things with everything in me.

And ARCs were very rare so it made it all the more coveted. But now that more people started getting copies and reviewing it, it’s appearing to be a bit underwhelming. I lost interest pretty fast after some mediocre reviews from trusted reviewers. But I will say that I haven’t fully given up on this. I might pick it up next year or something.


2. HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA (Stalking Jack the Ripper #2)
by Kerri Maniscalco

I read the first book in this series and felt so MEH about it. I could see the appeal tbh, but it didn’t live up to the expectation for me. I didn’t like the protagonist’s ‘I’m not like other girls’ kind of attitude. The only thing I liked about it was Thomas, but not enough to continue this series unfortunately. I’m just tired of books I end up feeling mediocre about, so this one is a no from me.


3. I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson

I’ve been on the fence on this one for way too long before booting it from my TBR. The synopsis didn’t grip me, the cover is… unimpressive. The only thing that gravitated me to it was the hype surrounding it. I just see it recommended and brought up everywhere. It’s almost a YA classic.

But then I heard it has flowery writing and then when I looked up more reviews, I started feeling like the book sounded pretentious. I don’t like saying a certain writing style is ‘pretentious’ but the snippets I’ve seen… plus the number of reviewers who claimed it was… That was a deal-breaker for me. The only type of flowery writing I enjoy is Roshani Chokshi’s.

4. THE HAZEL WOOD by Melissa Albert

Another overly-hyped book! This one was bit unexpected for me. I was desperate to read it like everyone else in the book community, and the first round of reviews that came about were  SO positive. But a bit closer to it’s release date, there was an onslaught of negatives, claiming that it was boring and slow and not Fantasy-like.

The deal-breaker for me, though, was the problematic elements. Apparently, the protagonist treats the only POC in this book like shit. I got so enraged just hearing the specifics and I imagine I would’ve really been disturbed had I read it. I have Melanie (from Meltotheany 💖) to thank, as she was one of the first people to mention the problematic aspects in her review. 

5. THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak

I know this one is such an important and beloved book to many people and there was a time I really wanted to get to it, but I have to say I’m just not interested in this one.

I just know this is sad and heart-wrenching, and I’m too intimidated to risk reading it when I know I get too attached and cry easily.



This one is a shocker to me as it probably is for everyone else. I ADORE Leigh Bardugo. Her Six of Crows books are my favorite YA books of all time, but I just have no interest in Wonder Woman or superheroes in general (UNLESS IT’S BLACK PANTHER!!) The main reason I’m put off though, is because I know this book won’t live up to her previous ones and my expectations are too high for her, so I don’t want to pick this up and end up disappointed.

Plus I heard somethings that, for me, sounds a bit problematic. I just want to wait for her other books and forget this one.

7. PASSENGER by Alexandra Bracken

This one is a bit older. For some reason, I randomly get the urge to try reading it. I think my biggest reason for wanting to read it is because I had heard somewhere that there’s a black love interest in here and that’s something I so desperately want to see in books.

Unfortunately, I kept hearing mixed and mediocre things about this. I’ve read a few of Bracken’s things and I don’t hate her writing but it’s a bit dense. This book is historical fiction / time-travel and it’s supposed to be slow-paced, and I feel like that’d be torturous to read with her writing style.

8. 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright

I don’t think this one comes as a surprise to anyone. This was another hyped book. In fact, this was my MOST anticipated book of 2017. I might’ve passed out for a couple of seconds when I got the arc in my hands. But then I got about 70 pages through and I. just. could. not. pick. it. back. up.

Then I started seeing reviews that point out the problematic aspects of the book, and I just completely lost interest.


9. GOODBYE DAYS by Jeff Zentner

Ok this might sound stupid but I am too scared to read this book. Probably every reviewer who read any of Zetner’s books says his books are heart-wrenching. I mean have you read the synopsis for this one? It’s about a boy who texted his friends and possibly caused his whole group to die in a car crash. That’s some heavy shit that I don’t want to get into. If I haven’t made it clear so far, I get too attached to characters and books and I end up bawling and literally hurting if something sad happens. I’m too fragile lmao. 


10. THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski

This one is another older gem. Lots of people love this series and I’ve always wanted to start reading it, despite knowing next to nothing about its content.

What changed my mind was learning that the female protagonist literally buys a slave. There’s a slave/master type of romance and what’s worse is that it was written by a white author. I don’t care if there’s a redemption arc for the slave owner MC or if there’s an explanation, I just can’t stomach this.


Have you read any of these books? Have them on your TBR list? Tell me which ones you think I should give a chance 😀


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’m No Longer Interested in Reading

Add yours

  1. Great post!! I have The Winner’s Curse in my list as well, for the same reason as you… I just cannot read about slave/master romances, ughh.


  2. Great picks!

    I still want to read The Book Thief but I balance my ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ reading so that I don’t get dragged down by sad stories.

    I haven’t heard anything bad about Warbringer yet but the current superhero trend (mirroring real life) is very serious and dark. Honestly, I prefer the cheesy 60’s type superheroes that make bad puns.


    1. Thanks 💖
      I’m only rarely in the mood to read ‘heavy’ books so I totally relate with balancing. It’s been getting a lot of positive reviews but for some reason, I’m really not interested. Haha ‘cheesy 60’s type superheroes’ actually sounds better.


  3. I loved Goodbie Days (you are right it’s an ugly cry) and the Winner’s Curse. Hazelwood… I have now the same reaction thanks to Mel too!


  4. Oh wow, there are so many books on your list that I want to read- Wonder Woman, I’ll Give you the Sun, The Book Theif.
    I am currently reading The Hazel Wood. And I am sorry, but I didn’t feel that that character has been treated like dirt, until now (I am 90% done though). I guess, it is just the aspect of reading 🙂 But Yes for me, the story itself is little confusing and long.

    My TTT:


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