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I would really like to thank Shannel (Rambles of A Reader) and The Literary Empress for nominating me! Thank you so much, you are both so lovely ❤️ And of course a shoutout to Okoto Enigma for creating this wonderful Tag!


1. Put the award logo on your blog.
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4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
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7. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
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➤ I am the shyest, most awkward person to ever exist. I don’t function well in crowds or in front of strangers. AT ALL. Socially inept to the core. I highly suspect (99% sure) that I have severe social anxiety but I’m not ready to be diagnosed for real or to start therapy/medication. YET.

➤ I dream of being a published author more than anything. I’m a college student who’s undecided on everything because, although I am a biology major planning on taking a route into Medicine, that’s not where my heart is set on. I want to write more than anything!

➤ I have snake-phobia (I literally can’t google the phobia name because I am so terrified of seeing pictures). I can’t see pictures or videos of them without being frightened to death. Sometimes I see pics on my Twitter timeline, scream and/or jump 10 ft from where I’m seating, and don’t log back in for days.


1. Your OTP is drowning and you can only save one of them. Which one are you going to save?

Oh God, this is so freaking hard. I think I’d have to say Ari and Dante (from Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe) because they are the most precious humans and I have to protect these precious cinnamon rolls. 

2. If you could bring a dead character back to life, who would it be?

I’m immediately thinking of one character that I want to mention from ADSOM but that would be a spoiler so I’m gonna go ahead and say Fred (Harry Potter). I refuse to believe he is dead, it’s a typing error from J.K. SHE CAN’T BE THAT EVIL. 

3. Is there any character you feel has been done dirty by their author?

FRED and also that character from ADSOM 😭

4. What song do you associate with your favorite book?

No rest for the wicked by Lykke Li reminds me of the Six of crows duology!

5. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl. I don’t sleep unless it’s past midnight. I wait till last minute to do my assignments or to study for the next day. I have issues and I’m working on them lol. 


1. If you could mash up any two characters and throw them together, who would it be? And which world would they be in?

Kaz and Lila in the Six of Crows world. I’m cracking up just thinking about it. 

2. Favorite supporting character deserving of spin-off?

Holland from ADSOM. I need a whole book about Holland. I don’t care if he’s just breathing or thinking or fighting with Kell and Lila. Just more Holland please. 

3. What’s a story you would like a retelling of? And by which author?

I want a retelling or re-imagining of Avatar: The last airbender by Leigh Bardugo. I cry almost every day about the perfect TV series being over and I feel that so much could be done with that world and that premise. Leigh Bardugo is one of my favorite authors and I’d trust her to do the original story justice. 

4. How are your bookshelves organized?

Not organized at all. It’s a mess but I know exactly where each book is. I put my TBR on the top shelf, my arcs next and my favorites follow. Then it’s a mish-mash of every book I have. I hate color-coded shelves because I’ll get a migraine if I don’t put books in a series next to each other.

5. Do you read with the dust jacket on or off?

On. I never take the dust jackets off, except when I first get the copy in my hands (because I obviously have to sniff it. I love the smell of books). 


My Questions are down below. Have fun and don’t feel pressured! Take your time ❤

Elise @The Bookish Actress
Lucille @A Dragon in Space
Jordyn @Jordz The Bibliophile
Destiny @Howling Libraries
Emma @Reading Through the Night
Elfduchess @A Thousand Worlds
Shelumiel @Bookish and Awesome
Kaeley @Spoilers May Apply


  1. What’s your favorite book of the year so far? 
  2. What’s one trope you’d kill with fire? 
  3. If one book could be adopted into a movie/TV series (a good one), which would you want it to be? 
  4. What’s your favorite non-canon ship?
  5. Which authors do you want to see collab? And what type of book/ premise/ setting/ would you like to see them work on? 


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11 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

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  1. YAY!!! This post is all sorts of magical. I totally get your song choice for Six of Crows. And ADSOM… It’s hanging out on my TBR, but I’m too terrified I’ll get attached— and the heartbroken. XD


  2. Oh man. Totally get being shy and awkward hahaha! I have anxiety myself, though mine comes and goes. But when it’s bad, it’s awful. Thanks for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers! 🙂


  3. Such cool questions!
    Btw I relate 100% to your first thing about yourself
    And I feel the same way you do about snakes but regarding Crocodiles! 😮
    omg yessss for Avatar TLA!!


  4. I LOVE AVATAR!! Honestly idk how you feel about Korra but I’m bitter af and I don’t even trust Michael Dante Dimartino or whatever his name is to do anything else with the series. I’m really sad it’s over, but I’m very distrusting of anyone trying to continue/remake it because it has never been done justice. I mean the live action was an absolute ambulance ride and all copies should be burned.


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