An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson


Author: Margaret Rogerson
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Format: Hardcover, 304 pages
Published: September 26th 2017

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I’ve read a lot of Fae books but I’m pretty sure this is the best YA Fae-centered books I’ve read so far. The cover is breathtaking and the writing is soooo gorgeous. One of the best releases of 2017, no doubt.

One of my favorite things in this book was the depiction of Fae folk; the typical stuff about iron and immortality was here but what I loved was how the Fae aren’t able to create- they can’t cook, paint or build- and so they crave human craft and often collect them.

One of their sources for craft is Whimsy, an odd little town often visited by Fae. It’s here that Isobel thrives as an incredibly talented portrait artist. Now and then she does paintings for Fae clients in exchange for enchantments until she has to do one for the autumn price, Rook. She makes the grave mistake of painting ‘human emotion’ in his eyes- a weakness that could put him in enormous danger. Enraged, Rook whisks her away into the Fae world to stand trial for her crime. As they trek deeper into the world, they must depend on each other to fend off various forms of danger. But their alliance blossoms into something more that breaks the fair folks’ law, punishable by death.

The writing just brought everything to life in flawless imagery and the author nailed the mysterious, creepy, and otherworldly vibe proper for a Fae story. I loved the characters- Isobel is smart, selfless and has an admirable passion for her craft. Rook is an arrogant prince that you’d expect to be aloof and jerkish but is really an adorable cinnamon roll. I didn’t fully believe the romance between them because it was a bit insta-love (not love at first sight but just development that we don’t really get to see); I wish there was a slower progression into the romance. Aside from that, I loved the dynamic between them and I adored their banters. I thought the plot was interesting, although it was a bit all over the place towards the middle.

This a truly gorgeous book that I’d recommend to everyone. I hope this will be a series. There are so many interesting characters that I’d love to see more of and there’s so much I want to learn about this Fae world.

Beautiful Writing A tiny bit Insta-love-type romance
Great Protagonist Confusing plot mid-way
Adorable Romance Little developed side characters
Original take on Faeries  
Interesting characters

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  1. I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages, so I’m so excited that it’s coming out soon! I love the cover – it’s gorgeous, and I haven’t read a lot of fae based books either so I can’t wait for something different. It’s such a bummer that there’s an insta-love thing going on – I hope it’s something that is easy to overlook against the whole of the book! Awesome review!


    1. Thanks ❤ The cover is like one of my favorites! I hope we get more art like this on book covers 😍 The insta-love in here isn't as annoying as others though, it's not love at first sight or anything. I just felt like there wasn't much development at the beginning. For the most part, the romance is adorable and a tiny bit hate-to-love as well. It won't put you off much, it really is an amazing book!


  2. Oh gosh I’m so in love with this book’s cover, it’s one of my most anticipated reads for the fall! A bit of a shame to hear that there is some instalove, even though I expect it with YA books they are still a bit of a bummer. What can you do? I like the unique take on faeries though and am definitely more excited to read this book. Thank you for the review!


    1. SAME 😍 I hope you won’t let the insta-love put you off! I promise it’s not half as bad as in other YA books. There is more development in the romance than you’d think, I just don’t know how else to explain it lol. Hope you enjoy reading it 😀


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